Friday, December 23, 2011

Final Payment for Claims

Alhamdullillah, i've received the final claim payment for my primary infertility treatment today. I've received a total of RM6183.3 from Malaysian Government. Just paid the outstanding credit card which i've been using just for treatment at LPPKN. Settle satu hutang... lega~

Those out there who are working with Malaysian Goverment, you can claim your treatment fees if :-
  •  The treatment is done at any Government Hospital or LPPKN
  • Never pregnant before 
  • Full payment for IUI
  • Payment for medicine if you have to go through IVF. The IVF procedure itself its not covered by the government. 
More details at JPA website : Peraturan Permohonan Perbelanjaan Kemudahan Perubatan.
You have to pay first and claim later, please be remember that it will takes months to approve :)

On different note, most of insurance company doesnt cover infertility. Infertility treatment its really costly. Last time i heard about EPF wants to allow to take the Account 2 for infertility treatment but then im not sure whether its already been implemented or not. Those who have the savings in hand, doesnt mind about the cost.. but i do pity those who cant afford. Hopefully someone will look into this issue real soon.

8 their rebelling minds:

sweet tooth said...

Tu la... Kalau la bleh kluarkn account 2, mmg mengurangkan beban, expecially those yang kena buat ivf using own money.... Lama nak menabung... Harap kerajaan prihatin la kan...


Adoii... penat pikir LPPKN ni..tentah Kekda nyer rekod da takde kut. Huhu. Last pg bln 6 kot. huhu

~ JD said...

bagus jugak boleh claim kan. kurang sikit beban. treatment infertility nie mmg sgt costly. duit mengalir macam air aje :) insurans company pon xmo cover. mmg kene kumpul duit sungguh2. sb tuh ramai yg teragak2 mahu buat treatment.

apapon, good info. boleh buat rujukan tuk yg lain :)


Good info...

Lady Mira said...

sweet tooth - tu la... hopefully they allowed to take the money for treatments kan.

kekda - fail akak mesti ada punya... jgn risau

JD and Cik Puan tipah - thanks

Anonymous said...

Ada emel address tak?Nak tanya lanjut pasal proses. Laim ni.tq

Lady Mira said...

Anon - blh je emel kat add ni

Anonymous said...

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