Thursday, December 26, 2013

Just bought...

For my reference

My Fault

A day leave on Christmas day gave me ample of time to think what actually went wrong and i've got my answer.

  1. Though my average Cycle Day is 33, the longest CD i've had for this year was 42. Means i do hv couple of days before actually i can say i am due.
  2. Using the opk doesnt really helped me to determine my peak days since it doesnt shows double line when i THOUGHT it should and i just ASSUME i ovulated on certain day. 
  3. What actually happen was, i ovulated 6-7 days later than it should me so i actually missed those fertile periods. and thats when i got the faint line on pregnancy test.
  4. When i THOUGHT i ovulated, i discontinued to charting my BBT. 
  5. Maybe i didnt ovulate at all
All the mistakes was from my side and i've been having unwanted stress for no reason. Actually i am just over excited to get pregnant naturally... thats it. nothing else.

CD38 today and when the AF arrive, i might be going to LPPKN again. Just that, i want to request for female doctor this time if possible. 3 years ago when i first started my treatment, Dr G was my only option. Now i may try my luck again.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

AF ... plz come

Received faint positive upt last week for 2 days...
very faint 2nd line

 then it gave me -ve till this morning.  maybe its chemical pregnancy... but hey... where's the AF??? CD36 /19dpo. The nausea killing me. Just show me your ugly face dear AF!

I am tired of waiting. I am tired of all the pg symptoms that im having. I am tired being tired.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

TTC #2 with clomid

Bought folic acid and clomid from pharmacy.

Folic Acid 5mg  (30 tablets) : RM 3.8
Clomid 50 mg (10 tablets) : RM 46.8 after less 10%
Total: RM 50.6
Both from different pharmacy

Folic Acid 5 mg (30 tablets) : RM 1.5
Clomid 50 mg (10 tablets) : RM 36
Total: RM 37.5

CD 1 : 19 November 2013 

CD 2 (20Nov2013) : Clomid 50 mg (2) + folic acid

CD 3 (21Nov2013) : Clomid 50 mg (2) + folic acid

CD 4 (22Nov2013) : Clomid 50 mg (2) + folic acid

CD 5 (23Nov2013) : Clomid 50 mg (2) + folic acid

CD 6 (24Nov2013) : Clomid 50 mg (2) + folic acid

CD7 onwards - folic acid and habattussauda 7 seeds. Tested OPK everyday.


Yesterday, on CD 29 / 12dpo and i just felt pregnant. Would that be really possible without seeing a gynea for follicle tracking and so on? I dont know...

Tested this morning and its a BFN

Monday, December 9, 2013

Faint Positive

Been trying seriously for 5 months now. Bought some cheapo opk and been testing from the day AF dried up with the hope i didnt miss out the ovulation. Used up to 13 opk's just for 1 cycle *wee*

and i've got faint positive for 2 days.

Faint positive

I was so happy to see those 2 lines though its just faint line and faint line is not considered as positive result reason being, I've never got double lines for opk in my 7 yrs marriage.

Eagerly waiting to get 2 lines in OPK.

Update: OPK faint positive for 5 days straight. Means that i didn't ovulate this cycle. *sigh* 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I think i dont ovulate on my own even post pregnancy. I've been using ovulation prediction kits but never got my double line on it. But AF will be there on time. I thought everything will be just fine after i delivered baby but boy, im wrong! Once infertile, you're always infertile!

Btw, where else to get cheap OPK's? the cheapest i found was rm2 per stick.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Since very limited time, finally this is what we bought for the doctor.

A pen and a thank you card

Card with their newborn pic on it.

We also bought KFC for the doctor and the nurses.

Dr G seems to be so surprise to see this little twins are running here and there actively non stop. After a while, he has no choice and started to "chase" them too worried they will hurt themselves.

Before leaving, Dr G manage to mention, 'do inform and call when you are ready for next'. I'm pretty sure he thinks that, we wont be thinking about next for another 2 years at least ;)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Appointment fixed!

Alhamdulillah... we're gonna bring the twins to meet Dr G next week insyaAllah. The nurse just called and inform that Dr is quite free end of next week.

So its time to seriously think about gift for him as a token of appreciation. Rasanya Dr G tak kesah pun if tak da hadiah. But its me who wants it.

Any idea plz apart tie or pen?? Cant think of any :(

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


My deepest condolence for my dear TTC sister Mama Nurin for the lost of her beloved husband last Friday. Al-fatihah

May he be placed amongst the righteous. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Taking Charge Of Your Fertility

Looks like i am looking and calculating the ovulation calendar almost everyday for the past 3 months with BIG HOPES like before. My favorite always will be Taking Charge Of Your Fertility.

On different note, we are still pending to bring the twins to meet the Dr G. I'm thinking to bring them sooner so before the doctor forget about us. Yet to buy gift for Dr G. Aaih... banyaknya benda tak settle lagi.

Once deliver, we need to go through the full process at LPPKN again. So, we might do the checking and testing again so that we know hows my body reacting after post pregnancy. I supposed to do Pap Smear when the babies reached 6 months but its still pending. Need to get advice from Dr G too about this.

Oh yeah, during the 1st month vaccination for the babies, the Klinik Kesihatan nursed said that i need to do family planning and she gave me appointments for that which i never do. Infertile doesn't need family planning anyway!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Little Updates

Im back here again ;)

Alhamdulillah the little twins just turned 18 months and they are super hyper. Maybe because they're friends from baby, they are super active. Sometimes i just wonder how the babysitter manage them when im away for work.

About me? Nothing interesting except I've put on weight ... same as i was heavily pregnant. Round face, flabby tummy, huge thigh is normal for me now. Everything starts just after  the twins reach 1 yr old. I had to work extra for them... chasing and running which makes me hungry most of the time :p 

Currently working on weight lose before seriously thinking for the next step while secretly praying to get pregnant naturally. Who knows right?

Thursday, August 22, 2013


My period gone mad. The flow is not normal anymore and im getting spotting in the middle of the cycle.

Today is CD 16 and im getting brown spotting for the past 2 days... only once per day. The AF dried up on CD 10. I am confuse of is this the period left over or something else. Can i pray as normal or i should mandi wajib first?

Its a total mess!