Journey thus far

Wedding (beginning of the year). Start Trying to Conceive (TTC) naturally.

TTC naturally

TTC naturally

It’s time to get some medical opinion and there starts the endless visiting to the infertility clinics. 

8th February – 1st round of clomid (with the prescription of doctor, previously had it on my own without consulting . DH needs to do his semen analysis
18 February – DH’s SA count was good. My ultrasound shows poor egg quality and was given injectibles.
22 February – Still no improvement on the egg quality after the injectibles.
16 MarchUltrasound shows the same result – Poor egg quality and the doctor suggested IVF.

With this, we decided to get 2nd opinion from LPPKN
8th April – Blood test for both and DH’s Semen analysis – required procedure
16th April – HSG. Both tubes are in normal condition.
26th April – Another blood test for me.
10th Mei – Met doctor at the new clinic for the first time and he explain all the details on the blood, SA and HSG. Doctor confirms that I had poor eggs. Doctor suggested to go for IUI next cycle. As for now try naturally first. 

Short break 

14th July – Fresh cycle. Start taking clomid and injectibles (menonys 75iu x 3)
20th July – Ultrasound and another round of menonys 75iu since follicles doesn’t mature enough
22nd July – Ultrasound and 2 more round of menonys 75iu
26th July – Ultrasound and the follicles doesn’t grow much. IUI could not be done and asked to proceed with Timed Intercourse.

Short break 

 27th October – New cycle. Started with clomid, folic acid and increased dosage of menonys 150iu x 3
4th November – Ultrasound and additional menonys 150iu x2
8th November – Ultrasound and still the follicles doesn’t grow much. IUI could not be done and was asked to proceed with timed intercourse.

25th November – New cycle. Clomid, folic acid and new injectables, Puregon 200iu x 2
2nd December – Ultrasound and another round of Puregon 200iu.
3rd December – Ultrasound and able to produce 8 follicles. The highest so far which has been matured enough. But, doctor doesnt want to proceed with IUI since it has high risk of multiples or triplets. So, again was asked for time intercourse.
4th December - Pregnyl

Total spending for the year 2010 at LPPKN = RM2791.70


3 months break due to lab renovation at LPPKN 

30th March – New Cycle. Clomid, folic acid and new injectables again, Gonal-f 150iu.
8th April – Ultrasound and another round of Gonal-f
11th April – Finally able to do IUI #1 after a year of medicated TTC. 

Short break

17th June – New Cycle. Clomid, folic acid and Gonal-f 150iu x 3
24th June – Ultrasound. Had 2 good follicles and I requested for timed intercourse since will be holiday on the scheduled IUI day.
25th June – Pregnyl 


7th July - New Cycle. Clomid, folic acid and gonal-f 150iu x3 
18th July - Additional 1 gonal-f 150iu 
20th July - 4 good follicles above 16mm. Pregnyl injection
22nd July - IUI #2
7th Aug - BFP!!! 
Sept - Its twins!!