Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Wonder whats wrong with my menses this month. Today is my 8th day of period and only now its getting heavier like day 1 or 2. Its also comes with period pain as well. huh, i just hate this… Is it the side effect from the hormone medicine? Previously i never had this type of issues. Must be because of the new medicine. Need to wait till tomorrow to see hows the flow and call the doctor if necessary…

3rd Cycle Treatment : LPPKN

Currently I'm on my 3rd cycle with LPPKN. This time, the doctor changed the medicine from Menonys to Puregon which is much more higher dosage. So need to inject twice using the Puregon Pen and 1 time using the syringe.


Husband was busy that day and i tried to inject my self using the syringe… but the needles doesn't enter my tummy at all. So i still have to wait for him to inject me the Puregon.

My next appointment is on coming Thursday to do the scanning. LPPKN wont be doing any IUI for december since they are renovating the lab. I still want to take the treatment to see the growth rate of the eggs and if it looks good, wants to try on natural ways.

I'm not hoping much to avoid disappointments …

Monday, November 29, 2010

2nd Cycle Treatment : LPPKN

The first cycle doesn't worked out and can proceed with IUI. Next appointment was given on 27 Oct. I was again given clomid and Menonys 150 (increase dosage) and same as before need to take the clomid for 5 days continuously and Menonys for alternate days.

Went for the scan on 4th November and again the egg still meet the minimum requirement that was needed for the IUI procedure. Was given another 2 round of Menonys again. Went for scan on 8th November and again the growth rate was still minimal. So have to stop again for this cycle.

Again the effort, money and the pain was useless.

1st Cycle Treatment : LPPKN

I called LPPKN to get an appointment on my first day of period and i received the appointment on 14th July. Doctor was to prepare us for IUI treatment. So i was given clomid (2 tablets daily), Menonys (75mg) – to inject alternate days for 3 days.

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Husband is the one who injects me, its kinda painful, but i have to bear it. Once done, the next appointment was on 20th July. Doctor scanned and it looks like my eggs doesnt big enough. So i was given another Menonys to inject and come again 2 days (22th July) later to scan again.

The appointment day came and the doctor scan and the results was still the same. So i was given another 2 round of Menonys although it will make my cycle a little bit longer. Scan was done again on my 3rd attempt on 26 July and the eggs doesnt seems to grow much. So have to stop the treatment for this cycle.

All the pains, the regular visits to the clinic and away from work was an wasted effort for this time round. We have to wait another 2 months before continue with the treatment due to fasting month and Eid.

Fertility Friend

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fertility Treatment 2 : LPPKN

Day 1

After much of Google search regarding fertility treatment that available in Malaysia, I've been introduce to Lembaga Penduduk dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara (LPPKN) by one of the blogger Little Mama Diary. So me and husband decide to continue the treatment with LPPKN instead of the previous place.

Received the first appointment on 8th of April 2010. So we went and register ourselves. The next thing was, husband was asked to to Sperm Analysis (SA) for him again. They don't want to count in any treatment records from the previous place and want us to start fresh. We agreed.

Apart from the SA, the blood from both of us was taken too.

That's it for the first day and it cost  us RM 146 ( Registering – RM 40, SA – RM50, Blood test – RM56).

Day 2

I was also asked to do  Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test at Tawakal Hospital on 16th April 2010. HSG is an X-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes which allows visualization of the inside of the uterus and tubes. This test is very important since it will allow us to know where the tubes are normal from any scars or blockage and we also will able to know the condition of our uterus.

The result was given on that day itself. Everything is normal for me and this costs me RM180.

Day 3

I was asked to come again on 26 April to test another round of blood test and they provide us with the blood test result which was taken on the first day of our appointment. This blood test cost us RM14.


I was asked to call on first day of period on the following month to get an appointment. So we got the appointment on 10th of May 2010. This is where the first time we meet the doctor and the doctor explains all the results for all the test taken. Since the appointment was on my 5th day of period, it is impossible to start with any medication. So we need to wait till the next period. This consultation with the doctor costs us RM10.


You can check on Little Mama Diary regarding the full process that she’s been through. A very good one!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Women With This Blood Type May Have Trouble Getting Pregnant

By Deborah Huso Oct 25th 2010 1:48PM

Categories: Women's Health

Pregnant WomanWhen researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine studied a group of 560 women who were being treated for problems with infertility, they discovered that women with blood type O may have a much lower chance of getting pregnant, the Telegraph reported.

Their findings were to be released today at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in Denver.

The study, led by Dr Edward Nejat in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, found that women with blood type O were twice as likely to have follicle-stimulating hormone levels above the normal threshold. FSH is the hormone that tells the ovaries to produce more eggs. As women age and egg production falls off, FSH levels increase.

Researchers also found that women with type A blood appeared to have more and better quality eggs than all other blood types.

But Dr. Elan Simckes, of Fertility Partnership in St. Louis, said women with type O blood shouldn't be overly concerned, while women with type A blood shouldn't celebrate just yet. He noted that while the researchers studied FSH, they did not look at other fertility tests such as Antral follicle counts and the anti-Mullerian hormone fertility test.

"It's a very interesting finding, but I don't think anybody should hit the panic button if they're type O," he told AOL Health, stressing that even modern fertility testing has its limits.

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 10 percent of women in the U.S. are considered infertile. Infertility is diagnosed when a woman tries to get pregnant for one year without conceiving. Because women over 35 are less likely to conceive easily, they are considered infertile after only six months of attempting without success to become pregnant.

While FSH normally increases when women enter their 30s and 40s, the current study discovered that FSH increased more in women with type O blood, indicating that those women had fewer available or high-quality eggs. But Simckes said that the FSH test should not be used alone.

The average age of women in the study was around 35. All were attending clinics for fertility treatment. According to the Mayo Clinic, women's egg quality starts to decline after the age of 32, and women over the age of 35 are at risk of miscarrying or of having babies with chromosomal abnormalities.

The current study may add another factor to a list of potential contributors to infertility, including disease, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle choices such as smoking or drug use, weight loss or gain, intense athletic training, and stress.

Simckes did caution about waiting too long to have a baby.

"Any woman at age 30 needs to pause and think," he added. "By the age of 30, she will only have 10 percent of her egg supply."

PS- I never thought blood group also plays a role in fertility issues… and my blood group is A positive. According to this research… i should have more quality eggs… but seems it doesnt.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Can fertility problems cause depression?



Yes, fertility problems can lead to depression. The expectations you had about how your life was "supposed" to work may not be playing out the way you'd hoped they would. The loss of the family you'd imagined having with your partner can repeat month after month. Feelings that your own body is letting you down can feel like a betrayal.

Most women grow up believing what they learned in high school — that it's easy to get pregnant. For many women, especially younger women, not conceiving may be the first really big disappointment they've had to deal with as an adult.

After realizing that nature isn't cooperating with your plans, you may begin to get more active in your plan to conceive by using ovulation predictor kits and basal body temperature charts. If those measures fail, you may feel as though another expectation about what should have worked is gone, and you can begin to have a sense of inadequacy.

As one expectation after another fails to materialize, feelings of loss and depression can begin to set in. If your friends and siblings are beginning to start their own families, it can make you feel worse about your difficulty conceiving.

For some women, feelings of depression may last for several days each month after they get their period. For others, the feelings remain, week after week. When depression gets in the way of being the person you used to be, seeing a mental health professional who specializes in reproductive issues can be very helpful.

By Babycenter

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1st Treatment at 1st Clinic

8th of February 2010 - Me and husband went to one of the famous Gynea clinic at PJ. Nothing much on the first visit except the doctor asking what's the problem is. Then the doctor calculated the period cycle and gave ‘clomid’ and asked us to come again after my period is over. Husband was asked to do his semen analysis.

18 February – Doctor scan and seems the egg doesn't seems good. So some medicine was jab.. I'm not sure the name of the medicine. Husband’s semen analysis was good… so no problem with him.

22 February – The same scan and jab was repeated and nothing seems improving. So need to wait for my next period cycle for further checkups.

16 March – The scan was done and the egg doesn't grow much as expected and the doctor conclude that i am having poor quality of eggs. I just started to cry at that moment. I dont know what to say and how to react… then the doctor said.. everything will be ok if i follow some treatments regularly.

But we stop going to this clinic since then. Reason being, the cost was very expensive… its over RM1000 for this 4 visits and we wants to try on some second opinion.

I never thought i will have problem in conceiving... i never even imagine about it ... Maybe God has better plans for me...

Monday, November 8, 2010


As every married couple, we started our married life happily. We never plan to have a ‘planning for baby’ thing since we want it happen when God thinks the right time. Time past by… but there is no symptom of pregnancy until we reach our 3rd wedding anniversary.

So we decided to do the fertility check ups and that's how all the regular visits to clinic starts. The details of the visits will be updated in the next entry.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcome to the Journey

This blog is created to jot down the journey that was taken and the continuous journey to be a Mom. For some people, it is so easy and for some… it is a big challenge and i am one of them.  Been married for almost 4 years now and yet never experience the joy of pregnancy. Wishing you all a warm welcome to my journey of “Trying to Conceive”.