Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1st Treatment at 1st Clinic

8th of February 2010 - Me and husband went to one of the famous Gynea clinic at PJ. Nothing much on the first visit except the doctor asking what's the problem is. Then the doctor calculated the period cycle and gave ‘clomid’ and asked us to come again after my period is over. Husband was asked to do his semen analysis.

18 February – Doctor scan and seems the egg doesn't seems good. So some medicine was jab.. I'm not sure the name of the medicine. Husband’s semen analysis was good… so no problem with him.

22 February – The same scan and jab was repeated and nothing seems improving. So need to wait for my next period cycle for further checkups.

16 March – The scan was done and the egg doesn't grow much as expected and the doctor conclude that i am having poor quality of eggs. I just started to cry at that moment. I dont know what to say and how to react… then the doctor said.. everything will be ok if i follow some treatments regularly.

But we stop going to this clinic since then. Reason being, the cost was very expensive… its over RM1000 for this 4 visits and we wants to try on some second opinion.

I never thought i will have problem in conceiving... i never even imagine about it ... Maybe God has better plans for me...

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