Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3rd Cycle Treatment : LPPKN

Currently I'm on my 3rd cycle with LPPKN. This time, the doctor changed the medicine from Menonys to Puregon which is much more higher dosage. So need to inject twice using the Puregon Pen and 1 time using the syringe.


Husband was busy that day and i tried to inject my self using the syringe… but the needles doesn't enter my tummy at all. So i still have to wait for him to inject me the Puregon.

My next appointment is on coming Thursday to do the scanning. LPPKN wont be doing any IUI for december since they are renovating the lab. I still want to take the treatment to see the growth rate of the eggs and if it looks good, wants to try on natural ways.

I'm not hoping much to avoid disappointments …

1 their rebelling minds:

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