Monday, November 29, 2010

1st Cycle Treatment : LPPKN

I called LPPKN to get an appointment on my first day of period and i received the appointment on 14th July. Doctor was to prepare us for IUI treatment. So i was given clomid (2 tablets daily), Menonys (75mg) – to inject alternate days for 3 days.

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Husband is the one who injects me, its kinda painful, but i have to bear it. Once done, the next appointment was on 20th July. Doctor scanned and it looks like my eggs doesnt big enough. So i was given another Menonys to inject and come again 2 days (22th July) later to scan again.

The appointment day came and the doctor scan and the results was still the same. So i was given another 2 round of Menonys although it will make my cycle a little bit longer. Scan was done again on my 3rd attempt on 26 July and the eggs doesnt seems to grow much. So have to stop the treatment for this cycle.

All the pains, the regular visits to the clinic and away from work was an wasted effort for this time round. We have to wait another 2 months before continue with the treatment due to fasting month and Eid.

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