Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fertility Treatment 2 : LPPKN

Day 1

After much of Google search regarding fertility treatment that available in Malaysia, I've been introduce to Lembaga Penduduk dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara (LPPKN) by one of the blogger Little Mama Diary. So me and husband decide to continue the treatment with LPPKN instead of the previous place.

Received the first appointment on 8th of April 2010. So we went and register ourselves. The next thing was, husband was asked to to Sperm Analysis (SA) for him again. They don't want to count in any treatment records from the previous place and want us to start fresh. We agreed.

Apart from the SA, the blood from both of us was taken too.

That's it for the first day and it cost  us RM 146 ( Registering – RM 40, SA – RM50, Blood test – RM56).

Day 2

I was also asked to do  Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test at Tawakal Hospital on 16th April 2010. HSG is an X-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes which allows visualization of the inside of the uterus and tubes. This test is very important since it will allow us to know where the tubes are normal from any scars or blockage and we also will able to know the condition of our uterus.

The result was given on that day itself. Everything is normal for me and this costs me RM180.

Day 3

I was asked to come again on 26 April to test another round of blood test and they provide us with the blood test result which was taken on the first day of our appointment. This blood test cost us RM14.


I was asked to call on first day of period on the following month to get an appointment. So we got the appointment on 10th of May 2010. This is where the first time we meet the doctor and the doctor explains all the results for all the test taken. Since the appointment was on my 5th day of period, it is impossible to start with any medication. So we need to wait till the next period. This consultation with the doctor costs us RM10.


You can check on Little Mama Diary regarding the full process that she’s been through. A very good one!

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Irtiyah said...


Tahniah dah ada blog =)
Banyak info.. bagus..

Teruskan menulis ya.
Semoga treatment berjalan lancar. Amin

Lady In The Mirror said...

terima kasih sis sbb sudi singgah.


papaYA said...

Salam perkenalan,

Saya juga sedang berusaha untuk mendapatkan anak.. Sama2 kita berusaha :)


Anonymous said...

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