Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Since very limited time, finally this is what we bought for the doctor.

A pen and a thank you card

Card with their newborn pic on it.

We also bought KFC for the doctor and the nurses.

Dr G seems to be so surprise to see this little twins are running here and there actively non stop. After a while, he has no choice and started to "chase" them too worried they will hurt themselves.

Before leaving, Dr G manage to mention, 'do inform and call when you are ready for next'. I'm pretty sure he thinks that, we wont be thinking about next for another 2 years at least ;)

3 their rebelling minds:

Fara Fadzil said...

Syoknye ade twin! Mesti tak menang tangan kan?


XaRiNe M said...

so thoughtful of u..

Lady Mira said...

Fara Fadzil - yes. tapi still alhamdulillah :)

Xarine - Its a huge thing that happened to our life. So just a little thank you note :)