Friday, November 1, 2013

Appointment fixed!

Alhamdulillah... we're gonna bring the twins to meet Dr G next week insyaAllah. The nurse just called and inform that Dr is quite free end of next week.

So its time to seriously think about gift for him as a token of appreciation. Rasanya Dr G tak kesah pun if tak da hadiah. But its me who wants it.

Any idea plz apart tie or pen?? Cant think of any :(

4 their rebelling minds:

sweet tooth said...

Org Lelaki mmg susah sikit nak pikir gift nya... pakai briefcase ke?

Irtiyah said...

kalau doktor perempuan, ingat nak cadang bagi fresh flowers.

Lady Mira said...

Tak sure plak. Sbb slalu tgk mmg dia dh ada kt bilik dia

Lady Mira said...

Tu la. If doc pompuan senang skit nk decide.