Monday, December 9, 2013

Faint Positive

Been trying seriously for 5 months now. Bought some cheapo opk and been testing from the day AF dried up with the hope i didnt miss out the ovulation. Used up to 13 opk's just for 1 cycle *wee*

and i've got faint positive for 2 days.

Faint positive

I was so happy to see those 2 lines though its just faint line and faint line is not considered as positive result reason being, I've never got double lines for opk in my 7 yrs marriage.

Eagerly waiting to get 2 lines in OPK.

Update: OPK faint positive for 5 days straight. Means that i didn't ovulate this cycle. *sigh* 

3 their rebelling minds:

Joanna OT said...

Me too! next month will buy opks just to determine i ovulate ke x every cycle after bersalin. I ovulate at D28 masa cycle terakhir before conceived. But last month I did notice byk CM keluar at D23. Tapi tak sempat beli & cek opk.

Lady Mira said...

Joanna... your cycle average days berapa?

Bouncing and Cherubic said...

I dont know why but I'm happy too. Break a leg