Friday, October 18, 2013

Taking Charge Of Your Fertility

Looks like i am looking and calculating the ovulation calendar almost everyday for the past 3 months with BIG HOPES like before. My favorite always will be Taking Charge Of Your Fertility.

On different note, we are still pending to bring the twins to meet the Dr G. I'm thinking to bring them sooner so before the doctor forget about us. Yet to buy gift for Dr G. Aaih... banyaknya benda tak settle lagi.

Once deliver, we need to go through the full process at LPPKN again. So, we might do the checking and testing again so that we know hows my body reacting after post pregnancy. I supposed to do Pap Smear when the babies reached 6 months but its still pending. Need to get advice from Dr G too about this.

Oh yeah, during the 1st month vaccination for the babies, the Klinik Kesihatan nursed said that i need to do family planning and she gave me appointments for that which i never do. Infertile doesn't need family planning anyway!

1 their rebelling minds:

JayFarhana said...

hehe yeah my gynae pun suruh planning but she said not too long since i TTC pun dah 3tahun+. I asked the doctor kenapa kena planning jugak? Sebab katenye give some room for u and ur baby to bond..atleast 6 months pun dah ok, utk breastfeed semua. Sebab in certain cases ada yang ter-lekat balik, dah takleh bf anak (ada org takleh bf time pgnant sbb sakit) so kesian kat 1st baby tu sebab takdpt nutrition breastmilk selama yang mgkin. Tapi apa2 pun semua kuasa Allah, kita hanya mampu usaha. For me, i ikut nasihat doc yg planing 6bulan tu. planing "sendiri2" je. doc suruh guna condom, we were like "What's Condom?" hahahaha