Friday, October 14, 2011

Symptoms during 2ww

During my 2 weeks wait after iui, i do had a minimal symptoms but i ignored it due to my denial.

3dpiui-6dpiui = i felt nausea (no vomiting) each day after work while i was watching Oprah. But i thought its normal because i was fasting on those days

7dpiui = i was not fasting and i didnt had nausea. So i just confirms that my nausea for previous days was because of fasting.

10dpiui = 1st day of Ramadhan. I felt nausea after work and i did threw up 10 minutes before breaking fast.

12dpiui- 13dpiui = Had nausea in daytime at office but didnt threw up.

Thats the only symptoms that i had during that 2ww. Everyday after the IUI, i did talk to the baby (although i dont know whether there is one or not)... i told her/him to stick strongly and do decide Selawat and few other simple Surah's while holding my tummy.

I tested on 16dpiui, the day that i was supposed to have my AF and got the positive result.

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