Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Fault

A day leave on Christmas day gave me ample of time to think what actually went wrong and i've got my answer.

  1. Though my average Cycle Day is 33, the longest CD i've had for this year was 42. Means i do hv couple of days before actually i can say i am due.
  2. Using the opk doesnt really helped me to determine my peak days since it doesnt shows double line when i THOUGHT it should and i just ASSUME i ovulated on certain day. 
  3. What actually happen was, i ovulated 6-7 days later than it should me so i actually missed those fertile periods. and thats when i got the faint line on pregnancy test.
  4. When i THOUGHT i ovulated, i discontinued to charting my BBT. 
  5. Maybe i didnt ovulate at all
All the mistakes was from my side and i've been having unwanted stress for no reason. Actually i am just over excited to get pregnant naturally... thats it. nothing else.

CD38 today and when the AF arrive, i might be going to LPPKN again. Just that, i want to request for female doctor this time if possible. 3 years ago when i first started my treatment, Dr G was my only option. Now i may try my luck again.

2 their rebelling minds:

iya said...

huhuhu...i hope u feel much better soon.i understand how u feel.hoping to natural conceive.iya too been hving a checkup with Dr G at LPPKN last time.but just 2wks ago i think,iya request for a female doc....Alhamdulillah i got it.u might be lucky as well.just give it a call and beg them....cayok cayok ^_^

Lady Mira said...

terima kasih iya. hope saya pun dapat la tukar Doctor nanti.. ameen.