Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Are we in the baby making season? Or is it because the government of Malaysia announce the 3 months maternity leave instead of the 2 months everyone racing to get pregnant this year? It looks like almost everyone is preggo! Last week, i called a friend of mine, we lost touch for quite sometime. She, always used to told me that she dont want another baby, she already had 1 son (4 years). But, she is now currently pregnant 4 months.

Apart from my best friend, a cousin of me called me up and was catching up with me and of course she announce the pregnancy of her 3rd child is coming on the way!

I was away from work last week, for out of office works, and today when im back to my normal routine, another colleague of mine, already announced the pregnancy last week and i just got to know.

Well, when im typing this post, just saw another ‘nausea’ status at one of the friends status… her 2nd baby is on the way.

Anyone else???

Wow! Congratulations to all of you and thanks for making me more insane!

6 their rebelling minds:

~S~ said...

sile completely hide mereka dari FB wall anda.

hahaha. that's what i did anyway.

yeah yeah im happy for them, but i DONT want to hear/know anything else about their pregnancy.

Lady In The Mirror said...

should i? but we are in good terms... i think i can still manage it... or maybe because used to it ... but getting the announcement coming in almost everyday...making me out my rational..

~S~ said...

up 2 u. hehe. i know, mine is the radical way, but at least, hide those baby ticker apps. it surely helps (at least 4 me)

Lady In The Mirror said...

yeah... baby ticker is a big NO!

~S~ said...


do visit me at


Lady In The Mirror said...

thanks for the link :)