Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ovulation Spotting

After months on clomid and injectables, i almost forgot how my normal cycle was. Finally I've realised that all those spotting that i had before the AF is actually the side effect of clomid. This month, there is no spotting before AF just light-heavy-light.

3 days after AF stopped, i had spotting and light bleeding yesterday and today and i assume its a ovulation spotting. Used to have it too back in those days but i don't even know what it is and i just assume the balance of AF usually.

Since i seriously TTC, I'm reading a lot, almost everyday regarding anything and will notice and take note of all the sign that my body gives. So, i have to conclude that it is an ovulation spotting coz its no longer bleed. Well… at least i know that i am ovulating :)

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