Monday, January 31, 2011


  • Why it must be this hard to be a mom?
  • Why all i see is pregnant women who ‘accidently’ got pregnant when they don't even try?
  • Why all those who doesn't want kids blessed with kids while those who dying to have at least one doesn't even close to pregnancy? 090709-sperm-egg-02
  • Why there are lots of people still throw away their babies within the hours of the birth?
  • Why people still go for abortions??
  • Why there is no shortcuts to be pregnant for IF?
  • Why my heart is so heavy and i feel like want to cry out loud?
  • Do i really deserved this?
  • Am i being punished for all my sins?
  • Why Me?

3 their rebelling minds:

Rehana~ said...

hidden secret by GOD..:)

julie@julianamnoor said...

same question i keep asking everyday..

Lady In The Mirror said...

Rehana - yes u r right and thank you for reminding
Julie - (HUGS)