Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pregnancy Tester

Early years in my married life, i used to buy pregnancy tester … and i always get the negative answer. When been getting BFN (–ve) back to back, finally i decided not to buy it anymore and i have one balance which i bought 2 years back.

Recently check the expiry date and its about to due and i just used it when I'm on my period… reason being, i know the result will be BFN after all :) So, no more disappointment.

1 their rebelling minds:

Ayien Azreen said...

yalorr... budak kat farmasi pun dah kenal... asyik muka akak ni je beli pregnancy test... hikss... so, dah phobia nak beli sbb trauma asyik tgk 1 line je... huhuhu... T_T