Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I had my AF 1 week (CD 22) early last month and now its 4 days late and I’m already on CD 36. It always been this way... when I'm eagerly waiting for AF to show up, it wont come and when i don't want it, it will come right on time or even earlier.

I'm pretty sure i couldn't pregnant this cycle. So there is no need to do the pregnancy test.

I want the AF to come so that i can continue the treatment but there is not sign of AF coming anyway. Its playing peek-a-boo with me! I hate this!

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Bulge to Bump said...

I hear you! I'm on cycle day 20 and I haven't ovulated yet. So I know this cycle is a fail, I just want AF to get here so I can try again!

It seems strange to want AF to arrive when trying to get pregnant, but that's usually my case.

Lady In The Mirror said...

Yeah! its really strange... TTCing and waiting for AF at the same time!