Sunday, January 23, 2011

Feel pregnant

I’m on CD4 today yet i feel pregnant and my instinct says I'm 8 weeks pregnant now. I only wished that i should be in the list of those woman’s who still have their AF during the pregnancies. Well, i know… I’m gone insane! Cant help it anymore!

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Irtiyah said...


Dear.. sabar ya.. berusaha, berdoa dan bertawakal.

Saya pun perasan preggy.. sekarang ni pun!..

Lady In The Mirror said...

walaikumsalam kak,
so im not alone la ni yg prasan preggy :p

~S~ said...

owh, i know the feeling.

i felt like pregnant all the time and when AF come, the tears could not stop flowing as well.

takpe, sabar, ada rezeki kita nnti.. aminnn