Tuesday, January 4, 2011


#816 Your dog is pregnant? Yup...Still jealous

It's strange. You would never describe yourself as a jealous person. A woman could flirt with your husband and you're mildly flattered. Your friend gets a great promotion and you're genuinely happy for her.
But when someone gets pregnant, whether a friend or a complete stranger, you're jealous, evil side emerges.

It doesn't even matter who it is. You're completely envious of all your pregnant friends but you are also jealous of complete strangers on the street, Facebook friends from your past, your parents friend's children, and anyone else who happens to walk by you that could look pregnant. Good lord, they don't even have to be pregnant to get your jealousy started - you are jealous even if they seem to have an unconfirmed belly budge or if their television character is pregnant. You would even be jealous of a woman who got pregnant knowing that she suffered through years of infertility treatments. You would be jealous if you're dog was having puppies, Mertie, the bird, got pregnant or even if a cartoon character was expecting. Damm you Marge Simpson! You never had infertility problems with Bart, Lisa or Maggie! You were jealous of the pregnant "man" and wished you could be the Octomom too.

Wow. Bubbles, your goldfish, is having babies. Yup... Still jealous.

Taken from : 999 Reasons to laugh at infertility

7 their rebelling minds:

Irtiyah said...


waaaaaaa.... uhuk...uhuk.... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Lady In The Mirror said...

hahaha... mmg kelakarla website tu - 999 reasons to laugh infertility ... made my day :)

Ayien Azreen said...

hehehe... emmm harap2 2011 ni bawa sinar untuk kita kan... ;)
tp cam bz gile je tahun ni... dah full ngan plan g holiday sana sini... hehehehe...

Lady In The Mirror said...

Kak Ayien... Ameen.
wow... bz dgn holiday tak per... jgn bz dgn kerja sudah! ni mesti penangan airasia kan :p sy pun ada gak book... plan je la... ada rezeki pergi.. kalau tak dok jer sini :)

~S~ said...

i know the feeling.

green with envy everytime i heard about others pregnancy.

tp tu dlu la. skang ni, malas nk pk. tho semalam kat giant, eveywhere i turn, i will bumped into pregnant women.

sgt tidak seronok perasaan itu

julie@julianamnoor said...

oh i never knew that you put me on ur list..glad sbb ada feedjit..boleh jalan2 sini pulak..

Anonymous said...

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