Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Bye 2010

Its 4th January today and finally i am able to write to this blog. Another year has gone without any sign of baby coming up. It was a tough year.

  • At least i know what's the problem that I'm having and finally found out that it is recoverable using some medicines.
  • The first time in my life visited doctor as many times in a month/year
  • The highest number of injectables taken in my entire life so far
  • The more i try to hide… the more it feelings was shown up in my face even without me saying out a word.
  • Surrounded with mommies and mommies to be most of the time and need to react that i am as normal as them.
  • Those who married after me, blessed with at least 2 kids.
  • Those who just married, got pregnant with less than 3 months they got married.

Well, there’s lot more to mention… but its better for me to stop it now. No resolutions for this new year… just wanna take life as it comes.

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