Monday, January 24, 2011

What you will do?

I wonder how many of us (infertiles) who gone through so much and had heart aches every time getting pregnancy announcement and belly photos, one day… when finally your dream come true… will you  do the same? Getting excited at fb and will you update your big belly pic’s and ultrasound pictures?
As for me, if one day i do get pregnant, i will do one entry in blog saying that finally i’ve got a BFP and thats it. No more entries in this blog and i dont think i will update belly n ultrasound pictures in fb or even here. I do understand the feelings of those who accidently view the page and happen to be infertile too.
…and maybe i’ll write in another blog just dedicated to the baby which i will private it not for public views. anyone with me?

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~S~ said...

totally agree.

i hate those who posted weekly updates of their unborn babies. not to mention the ultrasound photos.

tak suka sgt. sbb jeles. (& sometimes, i simply hide them so that i wont hv to come across their weekly updates nymore.)

in fact, i've decided not to mentioned anything online (im afraid we will jinx it. sgt takot ok)

to write another blog just for the baby surely sound fun. its ur own journey to motherhood, but tlgla jgn tulis in this blog s i surely will die of jealousy.

hehehehe.. (panjang lebar plak aku tulis.)

Lady In The Mirror said...


papaYA said...

Kadang2 jeles juga, tapi apart from feeling sad for myself, I can't help feeling happy for my friends too.. :)

Saya link blog awak eh