Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Could it be true? I dont think so bcoz my AF always play hide and seek with me and i’ve been having spotting on and off regularly.


I'm on CD38 (without medicines) today and I'm not going to test and just wait for AF to come. The longest CD for last year was 47 days (with medicines)… so lets wait and keep the hope less to avoid disappointments.

3 their rebelling minds:

youramirah said...

hopefully that calculator play tell the truth! amiinn..

XaRiNe M said...

amiin... hopefully AF pi bercuti ke hawaii... for 9 months...:D..amiinnn

Lady In The Mirror said...

amirah - dah peod dah today
xarine - best kan if AF gi holiday dan bagi kita pun holiday skali tp malangnya... AF telah muncul