Friday, March 11, 2011




3 their rebelling minds:

reen-not-green said...

hi amira.. im reen frm Subang Jaya. Ive been reading ur blod since the last few days and all i can say that we are on the same boat.

Ive been married for only 2 years but Allah tested me with 2 time ectopic pregnancy leading me to have no other choice of getting pregnant by just using IVF.

i failed once with my IVF and soon to re-try. hang on there dear friend.

U are stronger than u think u are..

ummi said...

hi amira...dan reen di atas..;p

ummi pun sekapal..dah kawen 2 tahun tapi masih belum ada rezeki.sdg ttc tp klu tak bjaya inshaallah akan go for ivf soon..
salam kenal... :)

Lady In The Mirror said...

Hi reen... nice to meet u. 2 times ectopic??? thats horrible! and u've tried ivf and so strong to try ivf! really salute u my dear! really hopes that the next ivf will be successful!

Hi ummi.. salam kenal juga... mari kita sama2 berusaha :)