Thursday, March 31, 2011


Finally im back on medicated cycle. The LPPKN lab is now open. So, will be able to proceed with IUI this cycle if everything goes as expected.

Doctor prescribe me with different injectables to avoid stimulate too many eggs as what had happen with puregon. Will be away next week and thinking to ask my colleague to inject me…if they’re not confident, need to inject myself. DH is the one who did the injecting task all this while.

Feeling nice to be back on medicated cycle… every little effort is count when ur TTCing right? We’ll wait n see how this cycle going to perform.

4 their rebelling minds:

MaMaNuRiN said...

wow!!! dah open? doctor mana yerk? Good luck!

Lady In The Mirror said...

yes... :)
sy under doctor ghaffar. so far, he's so good and sgt penyabar jawab all my questions :)

eimma's said...

good luck :)

Lady In The Mirror said...

thank you eimma and good luck too :)