Monday, August 8, 2011


Yesterday when i was browsing through fb, this particular woman said hi and started conversation with me. Since i was bored, i continue to entertain her. But, the first question that she asked was, “So how are you? Is there any good news for you yet? My niece who just married last month is now pregnant. Awal rezeki dia.”

I'm so irritated with her question. Maybe she just concern. But if you are really concern about me, you should not ask that question first after giving your salam and you’ve been in my shoes before. You had your first child after 6 years if not mistaken. You should understand better about the sensitivity of an infertile soul. She is the same person who gave me the unwanted advice back then regarding LPPKN is bad and so on.

Because of this, i went offline from chat and put everyone in my ‘limited’ group. Those who are in that group will not able to see my wall post, my pictures and also will not able to see me online. Padan muka! I put everyone in that list too because i need some time to reorganize my friend list. Mean time, nobody will be going to disturb me in fb.

I really hope, if one day I've became a mom, i really hope i wont ask such questions to anyone and i really hope i will always be reminded of my infertile journey. Well, I've always been infertile.

Ya Allah,  please always remind me of all the pain that I've gone through and going through in this journey in all the phase of my life. I don't want to be in the “lupa daratan group”. Ya Rahman, please provide the courage to me to remain the same forever.

5 their rebelling minds:

~S~ said...

owh, i simply turn off the chat button. malas terus nk layan

Pn.Leeda said...

ini adlh perkara biasa dan perit utk kita alami..kwn2 baik saya dulu pon mmg hal ini je yg depa concernkan..xdak benda len dah..mmg irritated tp deep down inside saya rsa x smpai ht utk sound depa blk..kdg2 reply jgk ayt semacam je so that depa rsa bersalah n phm..

bersabar jer..minta Allah bg ganjrn lbh baek..amin

Mamanurin said...

kuatkan hati dan semangat mira, insyallah kepayahan kita tentu akan lebih bermakna bila allah kurniakan yg terbaik utk kita..sabar yer

MommyAgharr said...

Salam Mira, kdg2 kat mana2 je ada je org yg suka sbuk2 ni. Bile kite tgh ok bleh buat hilang mood dbuatnya.Sabar lah, harap2 dia sdar yg soalan dia mcm tu bleh buat org lain trsinggung.

Lady Mira said...

Walaikumsalam kawan2 - mmg betul2 rasa tersinggung dgn soklan dia... sbb dia pernah lalui... kalau org lain.. tak kesah sgt kot. Tak per la... problem solve... pasni dia tak leh borak pun dgn mira :)