Friday, September 23, 2011

IUI #1 vs IUI #2

Just want to share few things that happen/ I did during the first IUI and the 2nd.

1st IUI
2nd IUI
  • Very nervous
  • 3 good follicles
  • Went to loo just before the IUI procedure
  • DH's SA count 40 million
  • The IUI procedure was quite painful when the speculum was inserted
  • After the IUI, went to loo again
  • Went back home with motorbike
  • Took rest for the rest of the day
  • No intercourse after the IUI
  • BFN 
  • Had my menses on 11dpiui
  • Started to take Evening Primerose Oil, Habatussauda and Goats Milk
  • 4 good follicles
  • Mentally prepared since its the 2nd IUI
  • DH's SA count 40 million
  • I was reciting the Doa Zakaria and Doa Yunus for the entire time i was in the lab
  • The IUI was less painful - i guess the Doa Yunus played the role
  • Didnt went to loo for 2 1/2 hours after the IUI
  • Went back home with cab
  • Took rest for the rest of the day
  • Had intercourse the next day of IUI to increase the chances 
  • No period up to 16dpiui
  • BFP

I'm not sure which one has helped but thats what i can conclude on the differences on both IUI's.

8 their rebelling minds:

ShaFIha said...

lady mira.. beli epo tu kat mana yer? saya nak cuba jugak la

Orang KeciL said...

epo tue kat farmasi ade jual..try la tgk.. pon rs doa nabi yunus tue bagus..sbb sebelum saya buat baca doa nabi yunus jugak..sgt pelik sbb xrasa sakit langsung..n i think mentally prepared also...

ALLAH suka bg orang yang tidak berputus asa..buat sekali xjd..cuba kali ke-2..itu tanda org xberputus asa..alhamdulillah..hrp sy jd sekuat awk..

eimma's said...

thx 4 the info..very helpfull :))

XaRiNe M said...

very helpful

Ellen said...


hope all is OK with you. i too am in this journey but because of male infertiity issues. i feel it is harder for me because there is very little treatment and understanding about male infertility.

read my blog to share my experience. Good Luck.

Lady Mira said...

shaflha - epo tu blh jer beli kat mana2 farmasi

org kecil - insyaAllah u will be stronger than me

Ellen - gone through your blog... its tough na!

wenn @ wani said...

saya nk ucapkan ribuan terima kasih sbb mira tulis tips utk iui ni dekat sini..esp the diff btween your 1st and 2nd attempt of iui. saya byk belajar dari sini in preparation twrds my 1st iui 2weeks ago. saya ikut most of the tips seperti doa nabi yunus, loo thingy, habbatusauda, alhamdulillah my iui was a success! saya doakan u'll hv a smooth pregnancy & smoga proses kelahiran juga dipermudahkan. harap dpt mendoakan supaya kandungan saya juga bertahan shingga 9bln. thank u again! muah muah.

Lady Mira said...

wenn@wani - walaikumsalam... sebak baca your msg. Tahniah! tak sangka this blog able to contribute something for your pregnancy! Semoga kehamilan wani dipermudahkan sentiasa. Enjoy your moment dear!