Wednesday, September 21, 2011


First of all, i am sorry for the lack of updates lately and i have few reasons for it.
  1. I've mentioned before that im not going to blog here on pregnancy because i feel that it is not right to write on the different journey in this particular journey of mine. The journey which has changed my life forever.
  2. I was not feeling good since mid Ramadhan and i was unable to fast fully. I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (terrible morning sickness) which i was on drips for days and i've lost 5kg so far. I had urine infection too and I was on MC for about 1 month.
  3. I am also also allergic to PC or laptop. I am also allergic to handphone. I cant talk on handphone more then 3 minutes or else i will be end up vomiting.
Currently the morning sickness seems to be ok and i am back to work. But i am still unable to drink water, any sort of water and i am forcing my self to take soya milk atleast.

The bleeding that i had before has stopped after 5 days. Doctor still classified mine as risky pregnancy which needed extra care.

Thats the little updates on me. As for the baby, baby is growing well as per 8th weeks scan and the next scan will be on week 13. Im on week 10 now.

Im still following up with LPPKN and Doctor G  might refer to hospital on next checkup. Still thinking on which hospital to go either HKL or Hospital Angkatan Tentera Tuanku Mizan.

I've created another blog but its still empty due to the above reason. Should i continue update on the baby progress here once in while?

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youramirah said...

dear fren,

buat la blog baru. asingkan cerita ttc dgn pregnant. (mcm yg saya buat. hehe)

fyi dear, berat saya dari first trimester sampai la ni dah 36weeks, only gained 5kgs ye! sgt2 xnormal compared to other mommies yg gained sampai berbelas2, berpuluh2 kilo. rasa macam pregnant pon xnormal cam org lain. huhu. tp alhamdulillah, baby is always on track. (maknanya berat saya yg turun la kot due to muntah2 & xselera makan semua).

most important, think baby first, ikut nasihat doc. doa byk2 moga Allah permudahkan journey pregnancy awak. btw, enjoy every moments. pasni tak tau la bila lagi boleh pregnant kan.

psst, pray for me ek! xsabar dah nak keluarkan si tecik ni! hihi. you too take care ye~

~S~ said...

errr miraa,

tanak boleh?


jgn mara yeee

Chii said...

i'm glad u r feeling well. as for the blog, i think u shud separate them...

Mamanurin said...

alhamdulillah..terubat rindu mama nak membaca coretan mira..mmg teruk tu morning sickness mira..yup take a good care yer for u and baby..mama pulak yg tak sabar

sweet tooth said...

Mira, happy to hear u n baby are well so far. I'll pray for the both of you. Take care tau... I don't mind if you update about ur pregnancy here :-)

Sepasang Kurung Biru said...

mira, i also happy for you.. cant wait to read ur next journey of motherhood..

i dun mind u write abt it in here.. as long as ur happy =)))

XaRiNe M said...

yes me too...i opened ur blog everyday before, n till now, i still wants to know your update... plz include me in ur new blog please....:P

Anonymous said...

akhirnya mira update gak status... hari2 buka but no news... manalah mira ni gi.. rupanya alahan.... xpelah..demi kebaikan mira n baby.... semoga gembira menghadapi saat indah during pregnancy moment.... terharu...happy...sedih...sume ade... tapi saya sentiasa doakan yg terbaik untuk mira n baby.... kim salam sayang kat little khalifah....(nkh)

papaYA said...

i don't mind at all reading about your pregnancy in this blog dear..

Lady Mira said...

youramirah - how r u? skarangni menanti waktu je kan... all the best for you. doa byk2 jugak tau

friends - thanks for the input. I've opened the new blog on the new journey.

Anon - terima kasih atas doa mu kawan.