Thursday, September 22, 2011

New home

After a serious thought, i will update on the pregnancy journey in the new blog that i've created = Because Miracles Happen. Currently its still private and will make it available soon.

Thank you for the feedback on the previous post and i think i will still do a short updates on pregnancy here once in a while to let my fellow ttc friends know how im doing so they dont have to read the complete version of the journey which might hurt them for sure.

Last but not least, congratulations to another TTC friend who suffer Retroverted Uterus (RU), Hikari on the pregnancy. May you have a healthy 9 months.

8 their rebelling minds:

Chii said...

Yay! Will follow for sure.

P/S: I don't know you but I really like your way of blogging/writing :))

~S~ said...

dear mira,

nk muahhhh sekalik sbb u r so understanding boleh?


anyway, enjoy your journey. wish u nothing but a bliss.

Nana Aris said...

cant wait to read on your new journey =)

Mamanurin said...

mira dear.

jgn lupa jemput mamake rumah baru yer..

TiNie said...

invite me to your new blog yer..thanks mira.

Lady Mira said...

Chii - the blog is now available but still need time to update the rest of the stories

S - no worries

Nana, Mama, tinie - blog dah ada... currently 'public' tp if in future if perlu 'private' i might private it

Anonymous said...

hai mira, saya baru baca blog awak hari ni, best sngt!!

saya dh 1.5 thun kawen and masih belum hamil. <-- agak risau jugak. skrg saya terima rawatan hospital serdang. LPPKN kosnya mesti tinggi. wish u gud luck

Lady Mira said...

Anon - dont worry. Your time will come too... keep on trying and never give up.