Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I miss blogging. Time has changed. Lots of blogger has quit blogging for the past 2-3 years and has moved to Facebook and Instagram.

Me on the other hand, stop blogging for good. Been busy with work and kids. Once in a while will drop by to visit the blog and other blogroll.

I missed lots of stories. TTC stories.

               Some has naturally conceived and delivered.

               Some conceived and delivered via treatment.

               Some has successful adoption.

               Some has separated.

I am here again just to wish all the TTCian who has succeeded no matter via which option.... i am so happy for you.


and for those who still in the roller coaster of trying, keep on trying.

Success is a failure that tried one more time

8 their rebelling minds:

Ida Puanstoberi said...


Dewi Aja said...

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julie@julianamnoor said...

hi mira, missed u too :) been busy also..

Wani said...

Salam, i am wani. i used to drop u a comment or 2 before. Could u pls share your email address coz i would like to keep in touch. I can never thank you enough on ur sharing here. It helped me with my pregnancy and my twins are already 5 this year.

NKH79 said...

rindunya nk baca blog mira... nk follow insta .. blh bg link x dear.. i'm still ttc 13yrs...

Lady Mira said...

Walaikumsalam, can email me at Wow... congrats... my twins is 5 too this year :)

Lady Mira said...

sapa ni ye sebenarnya? sorry tak kenal plak id. boleh email kt saya?

Anonymous said...

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