Thursday, June 9, 2011


and still having the menses. But, it was ok on the CD8 and it start again on CD9. I guess its because of the mood swing that I've been having plus the tensions i had over the weekend. Going to start praying tomorrow no matter it stops or not.

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AkUiStInI3 said...

lady mira - just want to share with u, i got spotting since 11/5/2011 until 27/5/11..i was so stressed. after 27/5/11 my period came n last until 3/6/11..i also confused, is that menstrual blood or what? i hope that this spotting will stop n give me chance to conceive.

Lady Mira said...

AkUiStInI3 - base on oversea sides, diorang kata if spotting does not count as period... only full flow br dikira as period. Tapi, my doctor kata, once dh spotting, consider first day of period. Sometimes im confused too.. bila ditanya, doc kata masalah hormon. Ssh kan nak kira cycle if camni!