Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So happy today coz the claimed that been pending since last year, finallygot it today. Submit the application end of last year and it was rejected. Submit again on February and received it today. It took 4 months to process with all the documentation right in place. Apa nak jadi ntah! I have not submitted the 2nd claim yet. So, will be getting it only end of the year i guess.

By the way, what im going to do with the money?

Option 1

My initial plan was, to keep it aside for my treatments. But then, yesterday came to know this particular auction house, near my parents house which is damn below the market price. Need to pay 5% if we are ok with the house. I knew the area and its very demanded place. So, thinking to invest in that.

Option 2

On the other hand, DH was not so interested with the holiday plan for next month for few reasons. One of the main reason was the tight budget. So, should i spend on this holiday trip then? Its a place which i’ve been dreaming to visit since my childhood days. According to DH, he asked me to cancel the trip and his going to pay me back the ticket price.

Overall, if the holiday trip did cancel at the end, will be getting additional money for the option no 1. But am i really into going to buy the house? Its another different story :p

1 their rebelling minds:

XaRiNe M said...

i recommend u to go for the house instead mira... u wil never regret.. :) holiday bila2 leh pegi.,.n the house price..sekelip mata it wil hike up gila2... :(