Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jangan tertipu dengan dunia

Chatted with my best friend (male) on Friday night. He married end of last year and his wife is currently pregnant. Since i’ve known that she’s pregnant, i dont talk to him much coz i might not be a supporter for him when he talk about pregnancy and so on. So here’s the conversation – in Malay.

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hws life?

dah ada baby?


Report · 9:16pm

im ok n still without bby


Report · 9:21pm

yeke ok...senyap ja


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yela, xmo ganggu hg

mesti hg bz sokmo


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bini kan preg


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tak jugak...

itu betol...

bru p check up kat specialist...

no problem...


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bilaa due?


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ooh ok


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tak p mana ka?'


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actually aku saja menyendiri to be in my own cave


Report · 9:31pm

y is dat?


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xtau camana nk ckp

im in a state where its diff to face ppl in daily life


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so aku menyendiri

and feels better



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hg kat mana lani?


Report · 9:33pm

kt umah la

mana lagi

cam soklan hg td

its a sensitive q for me

aku xsalahkan hg

tp its difficult for me


Report · 9:34pm

rileks la...

ada kebaikan lain kot...


Report · 9:34pm

i know

aku pun faham

but.. its hard to swallow those yg br kahwin smua preg

mungkin sensitivity laki lain kot on this matter

so i need time to convince my mind

tu jer

mesti hg tak faham apa2 kan



Report · 9:36pm


mmg pressure kot


Report · 9:37pm



Report · 9:37pm

apa solution skarg?


Report · 9:38pm

solution nya... i see the hikmah for not having kids yet and maybe i might not have any in future

mungkin akan ada...when the right time comes


Report · 9:39pm

aku dekat bk5

dok cari umah nak beli


Report · 9:39pm

cuma aku perlukan strength untuk menghadapi idup seharian ni


Report · 9:40pm

minum milo


Report · 9:40pm

blah la hg

minum milo buat per

and now i envy of ur life



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Report · 9:41pm

settled and now dok cari rumah plak


Report · 9:41pm


on in heaven/hell

jgn tertipu ngn dunia



Report · 9:42pm

dunia is still important gak


Report · 9:43pm

live like waiting for a bus...

sedikit yg cukup utk bersyukur lebih baik dri byk dan melalaikan

aku tak suka tgk hg dok sedih2...

nti kita bual lain...

aku nak p mandi kuar...

catch u later...


This friend of mine, never failed to make me feel good. Its a big word “Jangan tertipu dengan dunia”. Im searching so many answers for so many questions in this world and he gave me one answer. We tends to see other ppl’s happiness and their beautiful life but we never realize that dunia is just temporary and there is something far more better waiting in hereafter.

Thank you G for the short conversation and sorry for putting it here (i did edit some of it). Its for me to look back and get my strength again and again each time i fall.

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MaMaNuRiN said...

it''s goodkan mira dpt cakap dgn kawan baik..kawan baik akan senantiasa cuba buat kita diberi perhatian, akan sentiasa cuba mengembirakan kita even dia tahu sometimes dia tak berjaya..kuat mira! Jgn putus asa! Heheeheh mama pun masih lagi cuba utk kuat

Ayien Azreen said...

yup... jangan tertipu dengan dunia... kalo 'si kecil itu' mmg bukan utk kita... move on... hidup ni too short utk kita sedey2, pikir2 pada perkara yg belum tentu ada untuk kita...

eimma's said...

seronokkan bila ade kawan yang betul2 memahami perasaan kita.lelaki lagi cepat memahami kot dari perempuan kan?

Anonymous said...

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