Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CD 14

Updates as of today (20/7/2011):

ET : 14mm (doctor said very good)
Left Ovary: out of 4 follicles, 2 follicles are good ( 17x14 and 21x14)
Right Ovary: Out of 5 follicles, 2 good follicles as well (21x15, 19x8)

Will be taking Pregnyl injection tonight (to release the eggs from the ovary)
IUI will be on 22nd July.

(Pic Source: google)

So much of effort, hope and prayers are been put for this cycle. We’ll see how it goes.
Positive or negative, I'll leave it to the Allah :)

4 their rebelling minds:

yummy mummy said...

insyaAllah kita semua doakan yang terbaik.

Mamanurin said...

insyallam moga mira senantiasa dlm rahmat allah. Good luck dear muahhhh

Bouncing and Cherubic said...

InsyaAllah semoga berjaya

Lady Mira said...

YummyMummy, Mamanurin, B & C - Ameen