Saturday, July 23, 2011

IUI #2


My last injection for this cycle, Pregnyl taken on Wednesday night.

IUI #2 went on smoothly. We are a bit late to clinic but happen to be just a perfect timing. I recite Nabi Yunus doa while waiting for the procedure and Alhamdullilah, this IUI was less painful then the first one. Everything was done in less than 5 minutes.


(Ultrasound report as on 20th July 2011)

What i like about IUI? Of course the MC :)

Back home and took bed rest for the rest of the day. I had a bad cramping and stomach pain when im home. I believe its ovulation pain. Had that before when i had 8 good follicles last time. Although the scan shows only 4 mature follicles, there are another 2 possible follicle (16x13 and 11x16) which might already grew in the past 2 days and was released together with the 4 more follicles. This means, i had a total of 6 follicles this cycle.

I had a small strain after the IUI too… but only once and no more.

Back to normal today (1dpiui) and feeling good. No more cramping and stomach pain although the stomach is bloated.

Officially in 2ww again.

8 their rebelling minds:

one BABY-step at a time said...

mira, all the best...syoknyer ade banyak follicle. i only had 2. itupun satu aje yg besar.

anyway, baby dust to you.

yummymummy said...

me aritu kanan je byk..kiri xde

Bouncing and Cherubic said...

Good Luck..

Nana Aris said...

all the best to you mira..Ya Allah, kurniakanlah yang terbaik untuk mira..Amin..

sweet tooth said...

Good luck dust!

Mamanurin said...

Insyallah, moga rahmat allah senantiasa bersama mira.good luck muahhhh

greeneyes said...

may Allah grant you your wishes and may you be blessed with lots of happiness. my prayers are with you dear sister.

Lady Mira said...

One Baby step - bila follicle byk, lagi sakit time ovulation tu. Thanks yek. Hows things with u?

Yummymummu - mungkin sbb mira inject kanan and kiri selang seli kot, tu yg ada kt both sides

B & C, Nana Aris, sweet tooth, mamanurin - thanks darlings. Semoga Allah beri yang terbaik untuk kalian juga :)

greeneyes - thank you sis :)