Sunday, July 17, 2011


It looks like more and more TTC friends are getting pregnant. Alhamdullillah and congrats to Ummi, Tinie, Mummy Tiesya and Cikcokelat. It creates more hope to the others to have that little faith ‘My time will come soon’.

Apart from that, the fertile ones don't want to be left out. Yesterday, i received 2 sms about the giving birth and this morning another one which i don't even knew they were pregnant. The only thing that was in my mind was, ‘Oh, its that season again’.


4 their rebelling minds:


mmg camtu kan..senyap kejap..pehtu nati ada news sana sini org peknen (TTC la esp)
Hik hik..
Tkpe Mira, our time will come soon :)

Ayien Azreen said...

masih mengharap dlm kesamaran... (ape aku merepek neh?)... jiwa kacau...

Sandra Mort said...

I ran across your blog today while researching an article on infertility today. I will keep you in my thoughts and pass the link along to a close Muslim friend who will know the appropriate prayers for you.

All the best,
Sandra Mort

Lady Mira said...

Puanstoberi - tu la.. skarang ni pesta pregnant kembali... tp masih happy kalau yg pregnant tu antara geng TTC kita :)

Ayien - same to me... 'masih mengharap dalam kesamaran'

Sandra Mort - Thank you for drop by and thank you too for the tought on the prayers. Im speechless :)