Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Little bit on my holiday! Went to KK, Sabah actually :) Been there before 2 years back but that time we are on mission (Mount Kinabalu climbing) but this time… just for relaxing. Spent more time at Kundasang instead of the KK town itself :)
79E78B44-FFD6-3F7B-90DB-1273EBBDA707wallpaper Some of the picture taken
Really had fun and enjoyed to maximum. Wish to go there again some other time, maybe with the baby *wink*  :)

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eimma's said...

rindu kundasang sangat...rindu nak naik titi kecik tu..meamng menakutkan..rindu nak minum susu lembu sambil tgk lembu..hehehe..macam kat new zealand..sejuk kan atas tu

Yummy Mummy

Lady In The Mirror said...

YummyMummy - aha... kundasang mmg best! Rasa cam nak jer mintak transfer gi sana :)


Baru pegi bln 1 retu. hihi :)