Monday, April 11, 2011

Its done

Finally the IUI was done this morning. I’ve been worried since Friday. DH was so cool and keep diverting my mind. We even went to movie last night. 

110420111512 The follicles count as of 8th April 2011. So each might grown 2mm by this morning. 

DH was need to do his SA. Once he’s done, we paid RM350 and went to have our breakfast. Later, we went to 7th floor until name was called. DH was not allowed to company, so he waited outside. As usual, need to lying down at the bed and wait for the turn. 

Then came the doctor, check the name on SA tube. Then, the SPECULUM was inserted, it was painful. Seriously i cant bear the pain. Later, the SA was inserted. Feeling normal by this time and after few minutes the SPECULUM was taken out. Its not painful as much as it was when inserted. Some said it was just discomfort like pap smear… but i personally think its more like the HSG. 

So, the doctor asked to lay down around 30-40 minutes then we are done. Got the MC for today and the nurse did asked to ‘mandi wajib’. 

I dont know whether to hope or not but im leaving it to God. He knows what is best for me. So I'm officially in 2WW now.

8 their rebelling minds:

Ayien Azreen said...

pray the best for both of u... jgn lupa inform the result... love to read from u... :)

PuaN su SU said...

Ya ALLAH,,YA RAHMAN YA RAHIM...moga usaha dipermudahkan oleh ALLAH...amin

Mrs.ShiZni said...

Herm...semoga yang terbaik segalanya untuk usaha awak yang tabah ni.

MaMaNuRiN said...

Moga rezeki untuk kiter yer mira..mama pun baru settle pagi semalam..kali mi mmg teruk sgt sakit sampai siap pegang lengan nurse.. Selalu ok je..mama baru kuarcward arini

XaRiNe M said...

InsyAllah...Don't stop asking it from Him..Aku pun tak sabar nak tau result...jgn lupe inform aku!

Lady In The Mirror said...

Ayien - Thank you dear

Pn Su & Mrs Shizni- Amin.

MamaNurin - Amin. Erm, sama lah.. mmg sakit sangat huhuhu

Xarine - InsyaAllah... mesti aku inform ko punya... if ada good news...

Irtiyah said...


Ya Allah
Kurniakanlah kejayaan sahabat kami ini dalam rawatan ini. Dengan kejayaan ini ya Allah, Engkau akan Beri kebahagiaan kepadanya dan beri harapan seterusnya kepada kami.


Lady In The Mirror said...

Walaikumsalam Kak Irtiyah .... Amin!