Saturday, December 18, 2010


Decided to take a break for the new cycle of mine (no matter its IB/AF). Kinda tired with all the drugs that i’ve been taking and giving some side effects to my body. It lets my body to play tricks on me. So, taking a break now till the next cycle.

2 their rebelling minds:

Ayien Azreen said...

dear, i pun dah setahun break from any treatment n bla bla bla... tired... badan pun dah naik from 50 kg to 67 kg now... i try to reduce my weight 1st... ~_~!!

Lady In The Mirror said...

well, i just started to TTC with help of doctor early this year, after reached 3rd yr of marriage. I need to agree that all those drugs did make me put on weight too. I've been slim since childhood until recently, everyone started to notice the chubbiness in me. i was hoping high coz mmg nampak perbezaan this cycle... and tak kesah if xpregnant and period comes tarikh yg sepatutnya. tapi ni... seminggu awal dh period... cam mmg tak kasi chance to feel whether period will delay or not.