Friday, December 3, 2010

Its stopped

Yesterday went for the scan early morning. The mensus was still heavy and im not that comfortable to scan when im having period. But i have to choice. This time, doctor can see lots of good eggs (follicles) and the size of each was taken down. Doctor also mention that i was having abdominal pain coz of having lots of eggs this time. At least the Puregon is now working with me.
Still im still having period, doctor asked to come again for ultrasound today and provide me with another Puregon to inject that night.

I took the day off yesterday since im not comfortable with my period yet and also with the pain. I seriously did a right choice, the flow was still heavy and there are few blood clots discharged too. For a moment i thought is it miscarriage? Started to google about miscarriage and the symptoms was similar. But the thing is im not pregnant in the first place. So i kept aside that thought.

Today, the mensus fully stop for my surprise. It never happen like this before it just stop fully when the previous day it was heavy. But its my 11th day, so its ok lah it stops. The doctor was surprised too how yesterday was so heavy and today nothing at all. Todays scan shows matured eggs and again its quite many. The biggest size was 21mm, thus so far i never been beyond 16mm.

So doctor stopped giving me puregon and prescribe with other medicine called Pregnyl to be inject tomorrow morning and to have the timely intercourse according to the date given. This drug is to makes the eggs burst. I also given Duphaston tablet again to start from coming Sunday till 16 days twice daily. Im not sure this will work out for me or not but im just hoping for the best and if anyone reading this... please doa for me ok.

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XaRiNe M said...

Seriously, this post make me smile wider... Alhamdulillah there is an improvement...insyaAllah its gonna be very soon...