Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Easy ways to calculate your cycle days

I usually just set into my calendar in my phone for the past years. Recently bump into Sis Irtiyah’s way of jotting down in easy way and i transferred all the data from the phone in to the excel and yes… its really2 easy to calculate your cycles days. Done redo the listing for the year 2010. Just realized that my cycle days are vary each month.

Still thinking whether need to track back all the previous years record.


Try it now gals.

4 their rebelling minds:

Bulge to Bump said...

Thank you for the encouraging words today!

Lady In The Mirror said...

No worries... we are in the same boat! hope we will get what we want real soon!

Pn.Leeda said...

i create this too. form irtiyah also..about 3 years i jotted down like this.we can see the patern of our cycle easier rite?

Lady Mira said...

Pn leeda - aha... mmg senang :)