Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Claim Issue

Since I'm working with Government of Malaysia, I’m entitle to claim the treatment fee’s for this primary infertility if I'm having treatment with government clinic/hospitals. LPPKN is government clinic under Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.

I was just allowed to claimed last week and i received the letter from the doctor to submit all the documents to my department.


I submitted everything last week. Last Friday, my boss was asked me about the claim saying why im only claim now for the whole year. It seems like he dont understand when i explain to him that i was actually waiting for the letter from the doctor.

Last week, i received the forms which was already signed by the big boss and today i received this letter and they give me back the forms which the signed page by the big boss was gone and they printed new form for that particular page before returning it to me.



Can you see the office politic here? Even im entitle for the claim they rejected me. Im pretty sure they will reject it next yr too saying that those bills are for the yr 2010 and cant pay for it.

2 their rebelling minds:

Ayien Azreen said...

i pay all the treatment myself... almost 30K+...
HR people like to ask here n there... so much things to explain n bla bla bla..more n more stress... tired... n BENGANG... explain to people yg tak understand. so i decide to use my own money...

Lady In The Mirror said...

i tak kesah pun bayar sendiri... but then... whats the point ada kemudahan and we dont use it? but betul tu kak ayien.... mmg no point explain kat ppl yg tak understand n tak nak understand... bikin panas jer.