Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby not On Board

Did i tell you gals that I'm a book lover? I love reading since my childhood and its been part of me since then. Guess what i received 2 days ago?

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Ordered this two books:-

  1. Baby Not On Board – A celebration of life without kids by Shawn
  2. Eat Pray Love – One Woman’s Search for everything By Elizabeth Gilbert

Browse through the first book and OMG! Its so funny and it comes with so many graph, picture to make it more interesting. Definitely going to read that book and will share few things from the book here.

The 2nd book is something that i was looking for quite some time and finally manage to get it. Last year the movie was out and love the movie so much. But, i always like to read the book first before the movie. Well, we cant judge a book by its movie nowadays. Book express things that movie doesn't cover.

Its reading time :)

4 their rebelling minds:

Ayien Azreen said...

i pun suka reading... suka sangat sampai kalo dating time lalu kedai buku... mr Hubby sampai tarik2 tangan tak kasi masuk... tp i masuk jugak... hehehe... buku Baby Not On Board tuh nampak menarik... where can i find it?

Lady Mira said...

Kak Ayien - mira order kt MPH... and mmg buku tu mahal coz over the sea punya... rm55 kalau tak silap. Xsure plak if leh dpt kt kedai buku lain... but seriously buku tu mmg best... :)

~S~ said...

baby on board tu novel ke camne? cam menarik

Lady Mira said...

S - bukan novel... dia more on how to have a great life without kids. Byk kuiz dlm tu and full of hand drawn pic to let you know what is ur life with kids and without kids. Mmg interesting... it can be a preparation if mmg ditakdirkan xda baby kot.