Saturday, May 28, 2011

Doc will be on leave

Yesterday i tried to call LPPKN again and this time, its the different nurse. She talked nicely and said that the doctor will be on leave 6-8 June. So it would be difficult for the ultrasound session without the doctor around. That's the real reason why they are not accepting any patient.

This reason was acceptable to me. Well, i know that the doctor didn't took any leave for this year yet. Its very difficult for him to take leave coz it involve lots of patients. In one of my appointment, we did talked about the holidays and he mention that he don't take holidays much. Even he will be working on Saturdays for outstation referring patients.

He’s a normal human being. He has his own family and its a school holidays. So he deserved to have his own family time. Wonder why the 1st nurse was very rude? Why don't she just explained that the doc will be on leave? She needs a PR course i think!

3 their rebelling minds:

Ayien Azreen said...

haah la... ni semua salah nurse tuh... kita bako je...


Mira doktor G kan?? ke akak da tersilap or, sbb ada yg mention ngan akak dpt doc G gak. huhu

kalo Doc. G, PA dia chinese kan? tp ms akak pegi retu nutse kak limah tu jaga kat dpn. dia oke kan. baik jer

Lady Mira said...

kak ayien - aha... kita bako jer!

kak reen - yup, doc G. PA dia slalu tukar2... xfix.